• Dimas S. Gubam
  • Terngu S. Nomishan
Keywords: Archaeology, African norms/values, Insecurity, Social stability, Nigeria.


The main focus of this paper is to bring to limelight how archaeological activities/findings are appropriate resources not only for understanding the past, but also for the purpose of adequately informing future plans. Archaeological activities and findings have the ability to provide positive answers to the general social instability in a nation (as being experienced or witnessed in Nigeria in particular and West Africa in general). This research is of the opinion that, the archaeological education and engagement is a good asset to a nation’s quest for peace and security which can bring about social stability. This is what Nigeria as a nation require at the moment. Archaeological knowledge can be pulled to provide possible solutions to the numerous challenges confronting Nigeria (particularly instability and insecurity) that are causing none-patriotism and disunity in Nigeria today. This is because archaeological resources have the ability to reveal the vast range of human cultural achievements and struggles in the past. The paper articulates that, reviewing the principles, regulations, norms, values and the kind of social organs that helped to drive the past societies can help to ascertain causes of today’s problems/situations, which will then provide positive remedy to the problems. The paper suggests that archaeology should be introduced in the primary and secondary levels of education in Nigeria to avail children with the opportunity to grow with African cultural norms and values which promotes good behaviour, neighbourliness, respect for elders/human-lives and tolerance.