Community Education the Key to Community Development in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects.

  • Kelechi .N. Maranzu
  • Blaise .I. Maranzu
Keywords: Community Education, Community Development, Nigeria


This article focuses on the problems and prospects of Community Education in Nigeria. It examines the concept of community education as vital to individual and community development. It posits that, the formal provision of education cannot solve the problems of a rapidly changing society. Hence, education has to be redefined in the context of community to make it responsive to the yearning for better living conditions in the community. The paper takes a rear-view mirror of the community education as a recipe for development and submits that if integrated into formal education, community education can facilitate group and community betterment. Against this premise, this paper suggests some measures that can foster community education for all-round community development in Nigeria, which include community leaders should be involved in planning community education programme etc.