Post-Literacy Programmes: A Strategy for Sensitizing Adult Learners towards Adult Education

  • Victoria Afoma Ifeanacho
  • Nwabugwu Sybil Ndubuaku
Keywords: Adult Education, Post-literacy, Learning


The consequence of irrelevant education is the increase number of unemployed and unemployable adults and youths roaming about in search of non-existent jobs. The problem of people roaming about unemployed and poverty striken is as a result of illiteracy and being unskilled. The type of education to the people should be one needed for self and immediate community development and the nation as a whole. Adult literacy and post-literacy education programmes target adults and youth-illiterates, semi-literates and the unskilled to train them in occupation-oriented skills. These programmes are aimed at helping the target audience to extract themselves from conditions causing ignorance, poverty, hunger, social crisis, illness and premature deaths through access to knowledge and information.