Performance Evaluation and Training of Secondary School Teachers as Tools of Improving Students’ Academic Performance

  • Nonye I. Anele
  • N. N. Mbah
Keywords: Performance Evaluation, Training, Secondary School, Academic


The purpose of this study was to investigate training and performance evaluation of secondary school teachers as tools for improving students’ academic performance in Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra State. One hundred and sixty teachers and thirteen principals made up the population of the study and the entire population were studied. Five research questions were used. The instrument for data collection was a questionnaire. The data collected were analysed using mean. The researcher found out that training and performance evaluation of teachers help to correct teachers’ mistakes, enhance their teaching styles and make them to be effective. It was also discovered that students under these trained teachers perform better in their examinations. Finally, based on the findings, the researcher recommended among others that school management should increase the methods of training their staff.