Science Education: A Tool for Sustainability in Nigeria’s Development

  • Maryann C. Ofordum
  • Cecilia N. Onyekwena
Keywords: Science Education, Sustainability, Development, Nigeria


Science education is the key to the development of any nation. Societal welfare and economic empowerment are paramount important in national development objectives of any nation and the level of sustainable development of any human society is directly dependent on the quality of science education learned and applied by the citizenry. The purpose of this paper is to examine the involvement of science education in promoting sustainable development. The paper considers the concept of education and science education as a tool for achieving sustainable development in Nigeria. It also talks about the facets of development that can be sustained through science education which include, peaceful co-existence, research, agriculture, poverty alleviation, rural development, health and nutrition. In conclusion, the paper observed that to make science education a tool for sustainable development in Nigeria, content, teacher education, and curriculum materials should be given special attention. The paper also suggested that, adequate training and motivation of teachers, connecting knowledge gained in school to everyday life and provision of adequate and infrastructural facilities will help improve science education which promotes and sustains the nation’s development.