Challenges in the Usage and Teaching of ICT in Schools

  • Blossom Okoye Abstract
Keywords: Information Communication Technology, Education, Gap, Education biases, Teaching method.


The world today has gradually evolved into a global village where information goes viral in order to reach a mass audience within the target audience. In a bid to bridge the widening gap between illiteracy and literacy levels in the education sector the use of Information Communication Technology has emerged with varying challenges with the sole aim of creating information to reach the intended audience at a time. The most prominent of them is the challenge of utilizing its services as ICT has so many options. Two models were employed in this research; that is the behaviorist and the constructivism theories and the findings here posits that humans are in-nature social beings so, by employing the social aspect of ICT that mainly has to do with interaction among school learners and their teachers, a whole lot of gap of education biases would be bridged. As a dimension of virtual communication, the Teaching approach has been suggested here, as a less elaborate means than the various other methods. It is very important to make education accessible at any time by everyone; this will help in reducing the level of illiteracy; Information Communication Technologies therefore, aids in education by speeding up information delivery which in turn brings about improvement in the education environment.