Motivational Strategies and Organisational Performance: A Study of Nigerian Bottling Company PLC, PortHarcourt

  • Nonye I. Anele
Keywords: Motivational Strategies, Organisational performance, NB PLC, Port Harcourt


The constant changes occurring in the world today, especially in technology and innovation of new products and services call for organisations to reassess the manner in which they handle their employees. The aim of this research was to determine the relationship between motivational strategies and employee performance in Nigerian Bottling Company PLC Port Harcourt. To achieve this, a survey research design was adopted. Two hundred and fifty two employees made up the population of the study, while the sample size is one hundred and fifty five. Three research questions were used. The instrument for data collection was through questionnaire. The techniques employed in analyzing the data were mean and standard deviation while Spearman’s Rank Coefficient was used in testing hypotheses. The result indicated that there is positive and significant relationship between work environment and job satisfaction. There is positive and significant relationship between training & development and employees’ performance in Nigerian Bottling Company PLC, Port Harcourt. It was also found that recognition of workers has positive and significant relationship with worker’s commitment. Hence, it was concluded that lack of these strategies lead to poor performance and non-commitment to job. It was then recommended that, the management of Nigerian Bottling Company PLC, Port Harcourt should provide an enabling work environment for their employees in terms of good accommodation, office space and furniture as these make them to be relaxed while at work and also improve their commitment.