Effective Management of Organisational Conflict: A Panacea for Organizational Growth

  • Nkiru Obiekezie
  • Collins Obi
Keywords: conflict, management, organization, organizational goals


This paper entitled “Effective Management of Organisational Conflict: a Panacea for organizational growth.” Conflict is unavoidable in organization and even in everyday life. Often, people don’t go looking for conflict but it springs up in the course of interaction between people who come from various background with different perceptions on issues and human relations. This paper tries to x-ray the various processes of conflict, types of conflict, elements of conflicts, causes of conflict, as well as positive and negative sides of conflict. The researchers further outlined measures of conflict management, while their concern drove them to look at effective management of conflict in organization. This article closes with recommendations and measures to be taken to enhance conflict management in order to actualize organizational goals.