The Challenges Faced by Administrators, Supervisor and Planners of Business Education in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria

  • Chikwuo Sussan Udu
  • Chinyere Umeifekwem
  • Ngozi Grace Ejike-Kelechi
Keywords: Business Education, Supervisor, Planning, Tertiary Institutions


This paper critically discussed the challenges face d by administrators, supervisors and planners of business education in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Business education is a broad programme which equips individuals with necessary knowledge, skills and aptitude that will enable him to progress in whatever business he may engage in. Without effective administrators and supervisors there will be poor development of a sound educational system needed in the country today. Any, organization without a set of rules cannot function effectively. This paper recommends that efforts should be geared towards producing sound administrators and supervisors in business education who can push the programme to the next level. Recommendations and conclusions are drawn.