Role of Forensic Auditing in Curbing Fraud in Selected Banks in Nigeria

  • Christopher Nwanosike Madichie
  • Victoria Nkechinyelu Ezeyi
Keywords: Forensic Auditing, Fraud, Forensic Auditor and Investigation


This study examined ‘the role of forensic auditing in curbing fraud in some selected banks in Nigeria’. Accordingly, the aim of this conceptual research work is to examine and ascertain if forensic auditing would serve as a tool to the lapses in internal and external auditing and to ascertain if fraud in Nigerian financial institutions can be reduced through effective forensic auditing. The study adopted survey research design. Three Banks in Nigeria were selected according to Central Bank of Nigeria bulletin April, 2019 on money deposit banks ranking. The research made use of both primary and secondary data. The Chi square techniques and simple correlation techniques were used to test hypotheses one and two respectively. At the end, it reveals that forensic auditing services will serve as a better tool to the lapses in internal and external auditing. It is recommended that the internal control system of every institution should be strengthened so as to be able to check fraud occurrence and the fight against corruption.