A Discourse on Mentoring in Secondary Schools Science and Technology in Nigeria

  • Jane Ifeoma Oliobi
  • Stella Obianuju Okoli
  • Churchil C. Okonkwo
  • Felicia Uju Oliobi
  • Lilian Chinyere Mole
Keywords: Science, Technology, Secondary School


This paper dealt with the concepts of teaching, learning and mentorship in secondary school science and technology. Specifically, the paper highlighted the following: teaching, Learning, methodology of teaching and learning science and technology, and mentorship in secondary schools science and technology. The teacher as a mentor in the use of ICT gargets and other instructional materials was looked at. Secondary school education and objectives, concept of science, aims of science education in Nigeria, concept of technology, and reasons for teaching technology were highlighted. Secondary education and its broad goals were examined. Science and the aims of science and technology education in Nigeria were highlighted. Mentorship and its importance, as well as the ways for improving healthy mentoring in secondary schools were also discussed as well as Safety during science and technology lessons were looked at. Recommendations were made based on the study.